Following up our list of new technologies penetrating the transportation and logistics industry we released in Q1, we have complied another group of companies advancing our industry with innovative ideas and technological break throughs. The following list includes hardware companies, manufacturers, software solutions, and even a social network. Each of these companies showcases new technological trends being adopted by the transportation and logistics industry.

Matternet – Autonomous Drone Transportation

Billed as the “first smart drone for transportation,” Matternet aims to revolutionize last mile logistics. The California based company has designed and built drones equipped to carry one kilogram of cargo up to twenty kilometers – all autonomously. Their cloud based system analyzes the safest route for the drone to travel, taking weather, altitude, and other obstacles into account. In case of emergency, the drone comes equipped with a parachute. Matternet made sure to take all safety concerns into account when designing the drone, guarding the propellers, protecting the cargo area, and encrypting their network. Matternet claims that two thirds of all goods we use everyday weigh one kilogram or less, making their drone the ideal solution for delivering such goods over short distances or in remote locations. Overall, Matternet envisions a sky of drones taking direct routes, which were once impassable or too congested in order to deliver cargo. So far, their prototype provides a cheap, environmentally friendly, and safe transportation solution that any human can use.

Wrightspeed Powertrains – Smart, System Based Vehicle Propulsion

Based in Silicon Valley, Wrightspeed Powertrains claims, “we like to make things go, and we like doing it well.” Wrightspeed builds the powertrain systems used by large trucks. As the trucking industry evolves, they hope to capture sophisticated, technologically focused customers with their advanced powertrain products. Their powertrains focus on combining efficiency and power using reliable software and analog electronics. One such product, the Geared Traction Drive, is engineered for efficient, clutch-less gear shifting. This is made possible by the Geared Traction Drive’s lighter and cheaper electrical based systems as opposed to traditional mechanical based powertrains. All in all, Wrightspeed Powertrains is building the hardware necessary to evolve vehicle propulsion at a time when improving efficiency is at the forefront of the transportation industry’s collective conscious.

Procurious – An Online Business Network For Supply Chain Professionals

Procurious, the social network and learning community for supply chain and procurement professionals hosts over four thousand members in more than one hundred countries. Users can contact other members, thus growing their professional network, ask industry related questions in a forum style setting, access blogs, and gain information and industry events. One such event, the Big Ideas Conference, featured a panel of industry leaders answering electronically submitted questions. Overall, Procurious hopes to become the ‘one stop shop’ for supply chain and procurement professionals worldwide; and, with successful events such as the Big Ideas Conference as well as an active user base they’re well on their way to achieving this goal.

Overall, technological advances are penetrating the transportation and logistics industry in the form of hardware, software, and social networking advancements. The above list for Q2 showcases companies taking advantage of these technological tends to propel the industry forward.

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